Thursday, May 29, 2008

On deck - 3 new projects

Just a peek at 3 upcoming projects that I'm producing.

First off, the long-awaited debut solo from Wreckelekt is set to drop sometime in July/early August. The album, entitled Wreckreation features guest appearances from fambam such as Melina Jones, Kazwell (Nate Krooks), Paulie Rhyme, Audio Angel, Lansky, Bucc Rogerz, & of course fellow Mind Complex member, Journey. The album consists of 11 tracks - with songs ranging from thought-provoking, to side-splitting storytelling.

The 2nd project is a collab project with Emassin (ELEMNOP/P.Y.C) entitled Politics Is Usual. This 6-song EP is a highly politicized social commentary on issues surrounding our immediate communities broadcast through the lens of Emassin as an educator and a native of SF. This will most likely be a digital only release set to drop in June! So check back for the link!

And lastly, is another collab project, this time with recent Bay transplant, Chicago raised r&b, soul singer, Navery. I don't want to say too much about this one because we're still in the midst of recording and putting it together, but I will say that I'm absolutely excited to be working on this and it has given me a new boost of musical inspiration & motivation. The skinny - it's going to be a 6-7 song EP that tells the story of a young woman with a theme that almost anyone or someone you know can relate to - indecision, conflict, & triumph - perhaps with a twist?!??! Look for this one in late June/July.

So there you have it. Keep it locked for more official release dates and info!

holla atcha choy

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Portishead + Hyphy + tight musical execution = GO DUMMY

The latest offering from Dj Scotty Doo & Tape Vault Records. Self explanatory, musical, great concepts. Do yourself a favor and get it!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Gear lustin '08 - amended

lust /lʌst/ [luhst] –noun
:a passionate or overmastering desire or craving (usually fol. by for)

The funny thing about gear lust is that it is a highly emotional (believe it) experience. Victims are typically so overwhelmed with awe at the onset by the idea, concept, look, and well, newness of a particular piece of gear - that reason and logic (no pun intended - gearfreaks) in support of its usefulness or practically seem to be completely irrelevant and in most cases, non-existent. With that being said, here are a few amendments to my initial shopping list for '08!!


I actually own the MPD32's predecessor, the MPD24, which barely came out a year ago. Alas, I was blinded by its silver-bodied beauty and prospects of putting on dj sets rivaling those of Z-Trip and I probably jumped the gun. The MPD24 is a great piece of equipment, but let's face it, black is the new silver and genuine MPC pads are for pros!

MOOG Little Phatty

I've pretty much been eyeing and playing with this one every time I step into Guitar Center. In the day of computer producing - what can I say - analog hardware is becoming that much more desirable. Don't get me wrong I'm (and I hate arbitrarily placing percentages on things) probably 91.3% in-the-box (working completely within the computer) and prefer it, however, this synth sounds amazing. Plus it has a gang of knobs and wheels to tinker with LIVE. The only problem: THE PRICETAG

MOOG Minimoog Voyager Electric Blue w/ Mahagony finish

This beaute right hurrr is what happens to kids who use the Little Phatty, when they grow up. Let's put it this way - my simple melodies and deranged scales sound like bits (small bits) of Herbie Hancock on the Voyager - seriously. Ok all delusion in check, the sound that emanates from the Voyager are pieces of song sung by cherubs, gleefully instilled in part through the carefree playing of your fingerz. Well at least that what it felt like. Plus the electric blue lighting IS an essential must have! And mahagony wood?!?! C'mon, the only wood I've ever owned is IKEA particle board. It's like Rolls Royce meets TRON. After all, looking good as a musician is what separates the cool ones from the nerds...sometimes.

Arturia moog modular V

And after all that lustin' - at the end of the day, it usually boils down to what's realistically affordable. And that's where the moog modular V comes in. It's a software moog emulator that even the honorable, Dr. Robert Moog, endorses. And I'm all for that.

***update*** I did score a bike shortly after succumbing to my burning desire to get one.

holla atcha choy

Saturday, February 16, 2008


IF you can't make it in to AMOEBA or RASPUTINS SF/Berkeley, you can get it online at CD BABY RIGHT HURRRRR

here's what some good people of the industry have to say so far:

Loaded with ear-tickling beats and nimble lyricism, Still True lives up to its title, with 15 tracks of real deal hip-hop custom-made for discerning heads around the globe. Kazwell's wordplay tackles a wide variety of subject matter, thought-provoking and party-rocking alike, while deedot's intricate, soul-drenched compositions further prove that he is one of the most talented young producers in the game. Nate Krooks' album is rock solid from start to finish, an impressive debut from a group destined to shine. - MP3.COM

With the recent release of Still True, Nate Krooks gives listeners hope that there are still peeps that make music for the true meaning. This album is a beautiful catch in the oil infested waters of the Bay.


Nate Krooks, consisting of Kazwell and deedot, are releasing a full-length 15-track banger this month entitled Still True. Smooth production by deedot combined with solid lyrical content from Kazwell is going to make this one a must cop. - ZERO MAGAZINE

thank you